Citrus Twist - Limeade
Citrus Twist - Limeade
Diffuser Bracelet

Citrus Twist - Limeade

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The Limeade bracelet features large natural lava stones plus a selection of lemon jasper gemstones, smooth green flat stones and is finished off with a Tibetan style silver charm bead. 

**Two styles available - they vary slightly in bead placement and number of lava stones used. Please choose Style 1 or Style 2 when purchasing. 

Each piece is handmade in Newcastle using a combination of quality gemstones, glass and timber beads and is double strung on stretch cord for extra durability. Natural lava stone is porous and perfect for absorbing drops of your favourite essential oils. Add one to two drops onto any of the lava stone beads in the bracelet and inhale the essential oil aroma all day.

A mini sample bottle of essential oil is included for you to use with your bracelet. 

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