Kim Archer | My Story

My story?

I'd love to say that I joined doTERRA and started using essential oils because I wanted to

√ detox our home 

√ build up and support our immune systems

√ live a cleaner, more natural, holistic lifestyle (those intentions came along eventually)

...but the fact was, I was heading overseas on a holiday with my sister and our girls and we were facing seven flights in three weeks and just the mere thought of that, as a VERY nervous flyer, absolutely terrified me so much that it sparked me into action.

I'd used essential oils in the past - a long time ago when my kids were little. But seriously, back then all I knew was that lavender made my kids sleep and tea tree was great for any skin blemishes. I had no idea of the scope and power of essential oils.

And then along came Jodie York.

Now Jodie and I had been friends for a few years and she had also been on my magazine team creating content for one of my online publications. She left my team to build an essential oils business but the oils were just not on my radar back then so I hadn't taken much notice.

They often say we find the oils (or the oils find us!) exactly when we are meant to find them and for me that is absolutely, positively 100% true.

Jodie gently nudged me toward doTERRA for 18 months (she's very patient) before I was in a place to be open to the oils and with that holiday and all those flights looming, I decided it was time to have that oils chat with Jodie.

That little chat, in her sunny kitchen as we sat around her big wooden dining table that day with a beautiful wooden box of delicious oils between us, changed my life. In so many ways. And that sounds enormous and I appreciate that is quite a big call but it's totally true.

I came seeking emotional support for our upcoming holiday, which I totally got - and came away having ordered the Home Essentials Kit, some Fractionated Coconut Oil to get me started with blending my own roller bottles and Jodie gifted me a bottle of Balance because as Jodie says, EVERYONE needs a bottle of Balance in their lives.

But I came away with so much more.

I came away with a new passion and an idea ....a little exciting seed of an idea that I could build an essential oils business too. It was a quiet idea at first.. but it was there and it continued to grow and whisper more and more loudly to me that I could do this.

It became a bigger and bolder idea and couldn't be ignored. That was back in late 2017.

Of course these days oils are part of our every day…and I am continuing to learn just how powerful these beautiful little bottles of oily goodness can be. I have also done a huge pivot in my work life and I am now building my own amazing team of oily adventurers.

And how did I go on all those flights?  The short story is that I DID IT. I relied heavily on Peppermint, Cheer, Elevation, Balance and my immune support blend. There was even a rather surreal moment where we were flying home from the US, via Auckland and I remember sitting there thinking, I am ACTUALLY enjoying this flight. And theres quite a sense of satisfaction when you conquer a fear so enormous it was affecting all parts of your life. You can read more here.

Life for us in the Archer family has changed dramatically - the oils have had a positive impact on each and every member of our family.  And I firmly believe these oils change lives - if you use them.

If you’re ready to join me, if you’re open to the oils and you're not already working with another lovely doTERRA Wellness Advocate, then please reach out.

Don't wait 18 months like I did! Make the change now. Get these wonder bottles of essential oils into your life. Step up and become proactive instead of reactive when it comes to you and your family's health and well being.

I'm here to help. Please just ask. Ready to say YES.. read how to get essential here