How to Enrol During Bogo Week

BOGO Week (Buy One. Get One free) - a crazy time in doTERRA land that rolls around a few times a year, without any notice and is an opportunity to purchase oils and receive oils for free.

Each day for FIVE days a new deal drops at 7am and doTERRA members have the chance to buy the featured oil or product and receive a free product in return.

And it's not just for our doTERRA customers. You can totally enrol with any of the BOGO deals for that day. Just add the BOGO oil of the day into your cart when enrolling and the free oil will pop up when you head to the check out.

You can enrol with the $35 membership and just the BOGO deal if you want OR choose a Starter Kit and have that $35 fee waived.

Which kit?

These are the three most popular kits and a great place to start..

1) Home Essentials Kit ($330) which has the 10 starter oils in full 15ml size (except Ice Blue which is 5ml) plus the Petal diffuser.

2) Family Essentials + Smart And Sassy oil  ($174)  A smaller version of the same 10 starter oils in 5ml size. The Petal Diffuser can be added in for $58.

3) Nature’s Solution Kit ($635): the big kahuna! A gorgeous, mammoth kit that has everything plus more to get started.

Check out the kits on this page:

Ready to go? Follow the prompts below to get your wholesale membership OR reach out to me and I can help you with your purchase.


▶️ select JOIN AND SAVE
▶️ Choose your country
▶️ Select Local (OTG) order
▶️ Select Wholesale Customer
▶️ Enter your personal details

▶️ Select the enrollment kit you would like (and waive the joining fee) OR choose your single oils and your "Welcome Introductory Packet" for $35 (this is your membership) and add in any extra products you might want. Add in your chosen BOGO oil. The free BOGO oil will be added to your order during the checkout stage.

• I highly recommend you add in some Fractionated Coconut Oil so you can start to create blends and also apply the oils safely to your body! It's $16.50

LAST STEP!!! Enter your payment details and submit your order. And you are in!

What you get from me:

Joining my Customer Community means you get:

  • A Welcome Pack of goodies including a 5ml bottle of Wild Orange plus a few other samples and gifts to get your started.
  • Access to my Customer Community private facebook group.
  • A welcome series of emails to guide you through the first few weeks of using the oils. We'll have you navigating the oily world in a flash!
  • My support, guidance and oil education.