Essential Oils | How do you begin?

HOW DO YOU BEGIN? • Sometimes taking that first step is the hardest! But once you commit, things start falling into place.

It took me EIGHTEEN months to commit to the oils.

I had my friend Jodie gently nudging me toward them for so long.. but it took me ALL THAT TIME to come to the point in my life to take that next step. However once I made the decision, it all fell into place very, very quickly and I couldn't believe I had waited so long. We saw INSTANT results in our family and I continue to be amazed at all the little miracles that happen as we continue along this oily adventure. They have become part of our every day.

So how do YOU begin?

Begin by making a decision - to reach out to me (or whoever may have introduced you to the oils) and we can start the conversation. What key areas in your life do you want some support with? Sleep? Stress? Mood? Something physical? Something emotional?

🍃 I promise I will meet you where you are at on your oily path.
🍃 I will hold space for you.
🍃 I will listen to your needs and wants.
🍃 I will suggest, guide and support you throughout.
🍃 I will welcome you into our private support groups of like minded people on their own oily adventure.

If you are curious to learn more about these oils and wondering what these oils are all about, message me via social media -- here on Facebook  or send me a PM on Instagram here or  email me!

I would love to hear from you.

Ready. Set. Go.

OR if you are ready to say YES and move forward RIGHT NOW, and you're a DIY person, then here's the low down on how to buy the oils and join my oily adventurer team.



Open up a doTERRA WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. This costs $35 and gives you a year's access to wholesale pricing -- 25% discount on anything you purchase (it's $25 to renew the following year and you get a FREE bottle of Peppermint oil worth $26). To get started theres a few options.

OPTION 1: Membership + A Few Oils

Pay the $35 membership fee to get your wholesale account and then choose a few oils that resonate with you. You are off to a flying start and can now add a few oils each month to start building your collection. 

OPTION 2 (and how I started) : Buy a Membership Kit

Enroll with any of the Membership Kits (shown below) and the $35 fee is waived PLUS you will receive even bigger savings by starting this way.

Unsure which oils to start with? Reach out and I can help take the overwhelm out and work out the best oils to choose for you and your family.

What you get with your doTERRA Wholesale Membership

🍃Access to member prices - 25% discount on your initial purchase and anything else you buy for one year (with an option to extend your membership).

🍃You can then order via your own wholesale account when you want, what you want and whenever you want. Your order is then delivered directly to your door. You have total control over what you order and how often.

🍃 You are welcomed into my beautiful Mindful Living community in our private Facebook group just for my team. We offer full support, education and guidance as you embark on your oily adventure. It's a safe and loving community of like minded people all on their own oily adventure too.

🍃 Access to our optional (but totally worth it!) free two week Oil Camp - education and challenges and daily inspiration to get you loving and living your oils ASAP.

🍃 You will receive a Welcome Pack from me which includes a free Wild Orange essential oil and a few practical goodies to get you started.

🍃 You will also have access to our monthly program that offers free oils each month and lots of other incentives should you decide to join.


• Theres NO obligation to purchase monthly or to purchase anything ever again if you choose.

• You have total control over your account at all times. You are not locked into anything.

• You do not have to make a monthly purchase.

• You do NOT have to sell doTERRA oils to anyone or do this as a business.

 Ready to go? Follow the prompts below to get your wholesale membership OR reach out to me and I can help you with your purchase.


▶️ select JOIN AND SAVE
▶️ Choose your country
▶️ Select Local (OTG) order
▶️ Select Wholesale Customer
▶️ Enter your personal details

▶️ Select the enrollment kit you would like (and waive the joining fee) OR choose your single oils and your "Welcome Introductory Packet" for $35 (this is your membership) and add in any extra products you might want.

• I highly recommend you add in some Fractionated Coconut Oil so you can start to create blends and also apply the oils safely to your body! It's $16.50

LAST STEP!!! Enter your payment details and submit your order.

Annnnnd you are in!




To help you with choosing an enrollment kit/starter oils heres a copy of our latest pricelist/brochure which you can download plus some details on our most popular kits.



You can start with a few oils plus membership OR choose a kit below. All of our kits are a beautiful starting point for you and your family. I chose the Home Essentials Kit plus Fractionated Coconut Oil when I joined - because I REALLY wanted the diffuser!! But everyone has different needs so choose the kit or the oils that most resonate with you. I totally regret NOT purchasing the Nature's Solutions Kit when I started as it is AMAZING and jam packed with value!

 What happens next?

Yay, you are enrolled. You will receive a confirmation email from doTERRA and I will too so that I know you have enrolled.. and I will welcome you to our team with our Welcome Newsletter (check your inbox). I will then be in touch, add you into our beautiful Facebook community group and organise your welcome pack.

I am so excited that you are joining us! And away we go!