There are TWO main ways to buy doTERRA

WHOLESALE - Get the best price for the best products (like Costco)..25% below retail price. $35.00 membership fee. Great if you only want to buy an oil or two. Just choose your oils, pay the $35 membership fee and you're good to go.

STARTER PACK - Deep savings. Basically, doTERRA puts a bunch of oils together at a heavily discounted price, waives the $35 membership fee and you get a beautiful Starter Pack.
That's it. 
You also get me as your oily guide and access to our online community.  Our community is here to educate, support and guide you, answer your questions and welcome you in to help you get the most from your oils. We give you access to resources, ebooks, content, giveaways, workshops and plenty of ideas to get you using and loving your oils.

Ready. Set. Go.

OR if you are ready to say YES and move forward RIGHT NOW, and you're a DIY person, then here's the low down on how to buy the oils and join my oily customer group.


▶️ select JOIN AND SAVE
▶️ Choose Australia. Local
▶️ Select Wholesale Customer
▶️ Enter your personal details
Click "verify" to ensure my name comes up. You do need to enter my number to make sure you get access to my oils support, our online community and ongoing guidance.
▶️ Select the enrollment kit you would like (and waive the joining fee) OR choose your single oils and your "Welcome Introductory Packet" for $35 (this is your membership) and add in any extra products you might want.

LAST STEP!!! Enter your payment details and submit your order. Annnnnd you are in!

Here's some of our most popular kits.

What happens next?

Yay, you are enrolled. You will receive a confirmation email from doTERRA and I will too so that I know you have enrolled.. and I will welcome you to our team with our Welcome Newsletter (check your inbox). I will then be in touch, add you into our beautiful Facebook community group and organise your welcome pack.

I am so excited that you are joining us! And away we go!

 **If you prefer to have a chat with me about the best way to get started, email me here and I would LOVE to help you open your membership and choose your oils/starter pack.