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I'm Kim Archer. I am a leader with doTERRA and have been on this oily adventure since October 2017.  I am incredibly committed to helping others introduce essential oils into their lives and help them to become proactive about their own health and well being. How did I find myself on this path?

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Essential Oils - whats all the fuss about?

Have you been seeing doTERRA essential oils pop up all over the place? Are you curious? Wondering what all the fuss is about? So what ARE essential oils?  Essential Oils are sourced from nature. Potent, powerful and highly concentrated - a little goes a long way. They're incredibly effective when used to support our physical and emotional well being. They've changed our life. They can change yours too. Are you ready?

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Why doTERRA?

I only want the best for my family and doTERRA's oils are 100% essential oil - no synthetic fillers, fragrances, additives or pesticides. Everything about this company resonates with me and aligns with my values. From their incredible products to their co-impact sourcing model and Healing Hands Foundation, it was a super easy decision to partner with them.

Why I choose doTERRA

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Grabbing your own doTERRA wholesale account makes sense! There are many advantages, mainly being able to access wholesale prices and grab your oils and products at 25% off. Here's how you can get your own wholesale account.