Convention 2019 | Part 1

Convention was amazing.

It's hard to put into words just how it felt to experience Convention - with over 5,500 other oil loving people - I am still processing all of the information I listened to and I am still sorta in a bit of a daze -- a Convention hangover they say, several days afterwards!

I headed to Sydney airport first thing Thursday to collect my two beautiful partners also growing essential oil businesses - Mardi and Narelle. They flew in within thirty minutes of each other, Mardi from Adelaide and Narelle from Perth.

I circled the airport many times!! I could see where I needed to be but couldn't get across the fifty million lanes of heavy traffic all going the same way!

Eventually, after sailing past Arrivals for the third time, driving past Departures a few times and visiting the International terminal .. I finally arrived where I needed to be, parked a mile away, took photos of where I parked so I could navigate our way back and FINALLY, FINALLY raced into the Arrivals to find my girls!!

First up was Narelle rushing past me...who declared the airline had lost her luggage! We hugged quickly as she hurried off to find help!

Second up was Mardi waiting patiently at the baggage carousel to see if Narelle's luggage might miraculously appear.

It didn't.

Eventually, the airline admitted Narelle's luggage hadn't made it onto the plane and would be sent across later that night! Unfortunately, this meant no Gala dress, no makeup, no shoes, no toothbrush and not even a hairbrush! 

Narelle took it in her stride (I would have been freaking out!!) and she was so good natured about it all.

We then tackled the city traffic and eventually found our way to our long car park stay NO WHERE near our hotel!!! Finally, after a long walk dragging luggage (although no bags to drag for Narelle!) we checked into the Ibis at Darling Harbour. It was a very compact room!

And then we headed to the ICC to register and collect our Gala tickets!! We also received a doTERRA satchel, notebook and pen!

Narelle raced into the city to try and find a dress, shoes, makeup and whatever else she could find to tide her over until her bag arrived! We had our fingers crossed it would be a painless shopping expedition.

Mardi and I headed to grab some lunch at Pancakes at The Rocks, Darling Harbour where we ate and talked and talked and talked...

Back to the hotel to get glammed up for our big Gala night.

(How do people take selfies without including their arm pits haha)

Narelle did it!

She found a dress, makeup, shoes and everything she needed for Gala and met us in the foyer with time to spare! She is a legend!

Our view from the ballroom.

And away we go... it's GALA TIME.

Tangerine essential oil flavoured mocktails all round.. it was a dry event -- we are in the health and well being industry after all! And plenty of delicious food.

We then celebrated our Diamond and above leaders, rubbed shoulders with beautiful leaders we follow on social media and shot confetti at each other.

We talked about what song we would choose for our own future Diamond walks - I'm thinking an Archer classic Funky Town - kidding!!! And danced in the confetti carpet until our feet were falling off - new shoes - not a good choice.

We took badly lit selfies ..


And then we hobbled home to our hotel with throbbing feet - except Mardi who wore sensible flat shoes and skipped all the way home!


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