Convention 2019 | Part 2

We hit the ground running on our first day at Convention.

Beautiful weather. View from my hotel room - not a great view considering on the other side of the hotel would be a magnificent view of Darling Harbour.

We started off with breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and then headed to the convention centre along with over 5,000 other oily loving people. I wasn't exactly sure how many people WERE there.. but I know there was 5000 last year and this year seemed more.. annnyway, there were a LOT of people let's just say that!

Waiting patiently for the doors to open..ALL of these people are all waiting to compete for good seats!

And hello from the nose bleed seats!! SO very high up in the sky!

This place is massive!!!

At the very last minute, Jodie's friend rang to say she had reserved seats for us up the front so we hot footed it out of there, racing back out of the auditorium and into door 4 and all sat down as the lights went out and the show started! So much better.. much closer to the stage.

Unfortunately, my distance glasses broke the minute I sat down and went to put them on. The arm fell right off into my hand! No pressure or effort from me --> just snapped right off... (turns out they were faulty!) .. so annoying.

They were less then a week old. I'd hobbled along without proper glasses for months (too many months to admit) after leaving my old pair on the plane in San Francisco.. and they were never returned or recovered! As luck would have it, our friend Ray who lives in New York had an old pair of his and our prescriptions must be very similar as I could see! So I borrowed them for the rest of our holiday and I have held onto them ever since (and forever grateful to have had them over there or that holiday would have been a total blur!!). I rely heavily on my prescription sunnies for driving etc so I contemplated sitting there like Stevie Wonder in my sunglasses at Convention but didn't!

Lunch break and I hot footed it into the city to find a SpecSavers but the less than helpful girl there accused me of breaking them and said they would take up to 10 days to be replaced. Since returning home I have seen a LOVELY girl at my local Specsavers and she told me that they were faulty and she sent them off and I am about to pick them up this afternoon!

Anyway, I digress.

We had the most amazing speakers throughout the day - ranging from so many varied subjects like the science behind essential oils, our beautiful Co-Impact Sourcing model, the emotional side of the oils, cooking, inspirational stories of how the oils have impacted the lives of every day people.. it was all incredible and certainly made an impact on me.

And certainly a powerful mission statement from what I believe to be the BEST essential oil company ever.

We heard about the oil chemistry of our beautiful flower oils.

we listened to one of the seven founding members of doTERRA, Rob Young.

and new products were revealed -- so keen for Green Mandarin and Yarrow Pom!

We heard all about other products doTERRA manufactures including their NUMBER ONE PRODUCT -- our Life Long Vitality vitamin supplements. Plus their skincare range.. and so many other amazing low or no tox products! This is not just an essential oil company!

Lunch time and we headed off like cattle to pick up our lunch.

Catering such a large number of people must have been a logistical nightmare but I thought it was so organised and well done! Sandwiches, fruit, a Byron Bay cookie, muesli bar..  all contained in this cute little box plus a bottle of water.

I then dashed around the city trying to sort out my glasses and came sliding back into my seat just in time for our afternoon session.

Our afternoon session included one of my faves - a presentation from the Additive Free Lifestyle girls - Tracey and Jo who then showed us four easy dishes to create that were clean, easy and using essential oils. I've shared a few of their recipes from Convention within our member's group on facebook so I will add them to my public page too as they had some great ideas.

So much more. Education. Learning. Information. Ideas. Inspiration.

It's hard to document everything.. and eventually, I will share the education side of the oils in with our members only FB group, so this post is really more or less the social side of my time away...which I believe is a crucial part of Convention.. connecting with out team, meeting new friends and sharing our own stories amongst us.

But wait. There's more.

After Convention there was the opportunity to head up to another exhibition hall for shopping, sniffing ALL of the oils and products available and some mini workshops to listen in on.

Jodie was working on the AromaTouch booth giving hand massages and sharing the AromaTouch technique and then we headed off to find somewhere to have dinner.

Sydney skyline by night is spectacular. We ended up at Cyren Bar Grill Seafood restaurant. The FRESHEST seafood. everything was beautiful!

We celebrated our first Convention day with a few drinks.. A Bananarama cocktail for me and Narelle -- too sweet for me but sounded like a good idea at the time but should have gone with the old Gummy Bear cocktail Paula had!

And seriously, we were wondering exactly WHAT Mardi's seafood risotto was going to contain when they brought her out all these tools plus a water bowl/towelettes..

Time for a team photo

Jodie, Cameron, Paula, Narelle, Mardi, me, Maggie.

And then we walked back to our hotel - sensible shoes this time so no hobbling....where we sat around in the hotel bar laughing, sharing stories and for me, that was one of my Convention highlights.


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