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Your oils have arrived (yay).

Using your essential oils, a few natural ingredients plus some basic supplies you can soon create your own natural cleaning products, face and skin care products and handy blends that will totally overhaul your personal care and home/cleaning products.

Don't feel like you have to overhaul EVERYTHING in your house in one big massive action (unless you want to of course)!! Just a swap at a time and gradually introduce some simple, low tox alternatives into your home/family. Otherwise it can feel overwhelming and too hard.

And to start making your own blends and products, you will need some good quality glass spray bottles, roller bottles, jars and accessories. However, it's hard to know where to start!

Here's a run down of my fave options including some links to my recommended online stores. You really only need a few supplies to get started.

Roller Bottles

These come in all sorts of sizes but the two most common sizes are 5ml and 10ml. A glass roller bottle is used to make up your most used blends and allows you to mix together essential oils plus Fractionated Coconut Oil for safe dilution when using the oils topically.

You can get bottles with metal, plastic or gemstone roller balls. I prefer the metal roller balls as I feel like they roll onto the skin smoothly and are more durable but really, it gets back to your own personal taste.

TIP: Make sure you choose a thick glass as some roller bottles can be thin and flimsy.

My favourite 5ml bottles are these ones from Centaur Packaging. FIND THEM HERE.

And I do love these blue ombre ones too which you CAN FIND HERE.

Foaming Bottle for Hand/Face/Body Wash

These come in several sizes and allow us to make our own body and hand wash! I like the 250ml size.

You can also buy some great foaming pump bottles for hand soap to use in the bathroom and kitchen basin — check out Aroma Bottles here www.aromabottles.com.au for some beautiful bottles that even come with labels that add a stylish look to any bathroom or kitchen.

30-50ml Small Glass Spray Bottles

These are handy for making up pillow sprays, body spritzers or room sprays. You can also use them for making up body blends or remedies that require something larger than the 10ml roller ball bottles.

250ml or 500ml Glass Spray Bottles

A great size for making up an all purpose cleaning spray.

1 or 2ml Mini Sample Bottles

These sample bottles are great for making up travel sized samples to take with you when you are out and about without having to take full sized bottles with you. They are also handy if you are wanting to share essential oil samples with family, friends or work colleagues.

Misting Top

These spray tops fit your 15ml essential oil bottles, instantly turning them into misting bottles.

Essential Oil Keys

These little gadgets help you easily remove roller balls and drippers from both your 5ml and 15ml bottles.

Pump for your Coconut Oil

This is probably one of my favourite products! This pump fits our doTERRA bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil and allows us to pump out the coconut oil we need much more easily and effectively.


Centaur Packaging -- located on the south coast of NSW in Bombaderry, I love these guys because they have a growing range of raw ingredients as well as spray bottles, jars and well priced roller bottles. They have exceptionally fast service, a flat rate freight fee of $15 Aus wide (that can be a bit steep if you only need a few things so I usually stock up when I order to make it worthwhile), discounts when you buy bulk items and they are continually adding to their range of wellbeing products. Find them here: https://www.centaurpackaging.com.au/

Aroma Bottles -- located in Northern Sydney. They specialise in quality amber glass bottles. They also do beautiful labels to go with their bottles/jars/foamer bottles etc. FIND THEM HERE.

Anita's Oil Essentials -- located in Perth, I love the range at Anita's as she stocks lots of interesting and different things like beautiful ombre coloured glass roller bottles and spritzer bottles. FIND THEM HERE.


Oils For Life -- located in Brisbane, this online store has LOADS of things as well as spray bottles, jars and roller bottles. They stock books, resources, diffuser jewellery, raw products and a ton of other interesting products. FIND THEM HERE.


Natural Good Life -- located in South Australia and run by Jodi, I love this store as they have lots of raw ingredients like witch hazel, carrier oils, Castile soap, clays, beeswax pellets as well as quality roller bottles, jars, lip balm pots and spray bottles. FIND THEM HERE.


Happy shopping

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