HOW MANY DROPS? • Diffusers are an excellent way of experiencing essential oils aromatically and when we first start out it can feel rather overwhelming as to how many drops to use and what oils blend well together.

I've put together a little info sheet and some tips to get you going when first starting out with diffusing.

Basically, start out with only a few drops and build up your drops as you get used to your oils. Our essential oils are potent and pure and a little goes a long way. I know when I first started diffusing, our night time blend was simply:

1 drop Lavender
1 drop Cedarwood
1 drop Wild Orange

As we became used to the oils, I upped the drops we would use and these days our night time blend is 2 drops of Lavender, 2 drops Easy Air and 2 drops of Wild Orange --> I tend to be rather liberal with the Wild Orange so those two drops often are really 4-6!!

Increase your oily drops if you are diffusing in a larger living space. I can often diffuse up to 15 drops however, our house is open plan and the living space is quite large.

Some oils are more intense than others - for example some of the more complex oils like Geranium can be pretty powerful so you only need 1 drop to be effective. Other oils, like the lighter citrus oils I tend to be quite heavy handed when diffusing them.

The more you experience the oils, the more comfortable you will become and you will soon determine the oils that resonate the most with you -- the oils you are drawn to and the oils that are the most effective for you and your family's needs.

Diffusing the oils can be to address a physical issue - boosting immune systems with On Guard, supporting clear breathing with Easy Air and getting a good night's sleep with Lavender.

The oils also support us on an emotional level - they boost and balance our moods and can be uplifting, invigorating, balancing, calming ---------> however you are wanting to feel, the oils can help!

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