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Had this weird intuitive call for me to use an earthy oil today.

I sat down at my computer to do some work and my attention was pulled in a million different directions — one min I’m writing content for my customer group, then googling birthday gifts for my daughter in law.. then I’m on the Oz Design site to check when their homewares sale finishes and next minute I started to get up to make my smoothie.

I then felt this really strong sense that I needed to put on a specific oil.. but I couldn't work out what oil it was <---- this will be sounding a bit woo woo but I'm sharing my story anyway haha... It was a woody oil... my brain could sense the smell but I couldn't quite make out what it was I was wanting...and I instantly thought of cedarwood.

I dropped a drop of cedarwood into my palm and inhaled but nope.. didn't really feel like that was the right oil. I then looked up cedarwood in my emotions book but that didn't resonate at all. Lovely oil but wasn't what I was needing.  
I then thought it might be Myrrh ....but that wasn't working for me  either.

Then I realised the aroma/oil I was craving was VETIVER.

Which is weird because I am not usually drawn to that oil ever.... so I looked it up in my Emotions and Essential Oil Handbook and hello, low and behold.. its the oil of centering and descent.. helping to ground and be present and in the moment.... I dabbed Vetiver on my wrists.. it's a killer to get out of the bottle as it's so thick and resin-y and I took an inhale.. once I read through the emotions book, I realised it was absolutely THIS oil I had been craving.. these oils still amaze me every, single day... especially on an emotional level.

From the Emotions and Essential Oils Handbook --

Life can scatter one's energy and make individuals feel split between different priorities, people and activities. Vetiver brings the individual back down to earth. It assists them in grounding to the physical world. Vetiver also assists individuals in deeply connecting with what they think and feel.

This past week or so I’ve been strongly motivated/inspired by this image/quote I spotted on Instagram. I have a tendency to race forward in my mind, worry about the future and over think things... living in fast forward and not really appreciating the right now. I’ve been using Patchouli because emotionally, it's our oil of physicality, of living in the present moment. And while I love Patchouli, it is Vetiver (I now realise) that I am needing. Not a lot -- it's a pretty overpowering oil ..just a little dab on the wrists.

And so, while I jumped off task (again!) to write this story in my customer group, I felt drawn to add it here as well.

Image sourced: Instagram, Rupi Kaur, viewed March 2021

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