Everyone has a story. What's yours?

Everyone has a story. What's yours?


love the story behind a brand. I find it fascinating to learn why people start their own business. I always head straight to the About Me page on a website. So, WHY is a brand story so important for your business? Let's chat..

What is a brand story?

Your brand story is the motivation about why you started your business, what you believe in and why other's should care. It's your back story. It evokes an emotion from your audience and it's crucial to help you stand out against your competition.

Why is a your brand story so important?

Sharing your story helps you build a deeper connection with your audience, injects personality into your brand and helps set you apart from other businesses. 

It build trust, strengthens your connections and helps turn your audience into customers. Think back to the last time you watched a reality show like Idol or The Voice. I bet some of your favourites shared stories that resonated with you. Their story helped them stand out and be memorable against the dozens of other finalists. And being memorable is what branding is all about.

How do you create your brand story?

Firstly, write down WHAT or WHO motivated you to start your business. 

  • maybe you couldn't find any collars small enough for your new mini cavoodle pup so decided to make your own and launch your own pet label
  • or your passion for gifting turned into a business selling gift hampers
  • perhaps after visiting New York you wanted to recreate the delicious chocolate eclairs from Carlos Bakery and open your own patisserie back home
  • maybe someone inspired you to start your business
  • or you saw a gap in the market for an amazing product
  • perhaps your business name has a cool story attached to it
  • or you have always wanted to be your own boss
  • maybe you just have had a passion for whatever it is you do and starting your own business was inevitable.

No matter how big or small your story is, its an important facet of your business. If you don't have a story, its hard for people to remember you or want to share 



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