My Story

My story

I'm Kim Archer, a Newcastle designer passionate about natural health and wellness, being mindfully creative and small business.

My first taste of business was as a teenager when I designed a range of Fimo ear rings and necklaces (yes it was way back in the 80's) and sold them to my class mates. I was in Year 9 and I made enough money to fund a shopping spree to David Jones which included buying an outfit for the upcoming school dance. 

Over the years I've owned a number of businesses including designing and manufacturing a kid's clothing label and running my own ceramic studio where I taught classes, juggled motherhood and stayed up late into the night painting and glazing pieces and firing them in my kiln.. trying madly to get orders finished and despatched. Crazy times and it was not uncommon to have family members packing orders and waving a glaze brush around help me.

I worked in the paper crafting industry for about fifteen years, teaching scrapbooking classes around Australia and New Zealand, designing paper crafting product, creating projects and writing articles for different scrapbook magazines which led me to create my first website.  I'd been blogging for years and transitioned into teaching online scrapbooking classes (long before teaching online was a "thing") before eventually jumping into digital publishing and creating two online magazines - Etzcetera and Jot Mag. These were my babies and I poured my heart and soul into each and every edition, as did my beautiful team of contributors. It was a very special time in my career and I treasure the connections and relationships I made during that time. 

Essential oils then popped into my life. 

Back in 2017 I was heading overseas on a holiday with my sister and our girls and we were facing seven flights in three weeks and just the mere thought of that, as a VERY nervous flyer, absolutely terrified me so much that it sparked me into action.

I'd used essential oils in the past - a long time ago when my kids were little. But seriously, back then all I knew was that lavender made my kids sleep and tea tree was great for any skin blemishes. I had no idea of the scope and power of essential oils.

They often say we find the oils (or the oils find us!) exactly when we are meant to find them and for me that is absolutely, positively 100% true.


The oils provided the emotional support I needed and toward the end of that overseas holiday which you can read more about here, I came home determined to find out more about these beautiful bottles of plant power.

I also came home with an exciting little seed of an idea as I knew there was a business opportunity attached to doTERRA. I wanted to share just how wonderful these oils were and show people how the oils can support us emotionally as well as physically. I love my little oils biz.. I am building a truly lovely team with a beautiful bunch of people and I get to help my customers use and love their oils too. 

If you are ready to introduce essential oil into your life, I would love to show you how to do that. I am here to help and guide you as your oily guide. If you are also interested in the biz opportunity and keen to learn more, I am here to help you with that also. 



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