I am a sucker for a lip balm/gloss.. and I LOVE the doTERRA lip balm (VERY much) but thought it would be fun to make my own once I spotted these cute lip gloss LIP pots! They are so cute!

I've made lip balm in the past - but that was before I could flavour and scent them with doTERRA essential oils! I kept things really simple by using a lip balm mix from Aussie Soap Supplies which means basically, I melted the mix, stirred in the essential oils and some mica for colour and poured the mix into the pots to set.
I'd love to have a go from scratch using beeswax etc so that is definitely on my list to try! Lip pots and Mica colouring come from Bath Bomb World. Essential oil blends I used:

Tangerine, Lime and Spearmint

Wild Orange

Also consider using mini aluminium tins as an alternative!
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